Finding inspiration in daily life...A Charge for Celebrating Spring and its unexpected treasures

Although it is difficult to ignore the beauty within a fully blossomed single wildflower or a field of flowers; the bright colors and pastels floating in the wind and basting in the sunshine can be a definite force to be reckoned and admired. Sometimes, the biggest inspiration can come from the often overlooked or the smallest details of our everyday environment.

When was the last time that you saw something that just out of the blue made you stop and stare? You couldn't quite put your finger on what was so striking, but you knew you were just drawn to it.  It could have been something as simple as a texture in a rock, or the shape of an awning on a door frame. At times, discovered on a routine walk/errand or rushing from one place to another and something catches your eye: you stop, pause, and begin to is then that a spark is ignited and the magic begins. I call them the Unexpected Wonders ...consider it a crossroads where creativity and inspiration meet. I invite you to indulge your senses and explore your curiosity. You might be quite surprised on where it leads you.

One of these particular occasions happened to me the other week when I walking in the mall and noticed some huge leaves in a planter that I thought had extraordinary line structure.  I believe they were croton petra leaves but not entirely sure. The simple vastness of the leaves commanded for a stage of its own. Then there was the movement and interplay of crosshatch and defined diagonal lines that seem to act as characters within an orchestrated  symphony, each playing their own part to create a  crescendo movement effect. Immediately I was taken away to a tropical lush feel with vibrancy and playfulness. To the dismay of several patrons walking around me trying to figure out what in the world I was seeing in this simple plant in the middle of the mall as I crouch, backed up, came in close, backed up again...taking pictures all the way…but I had tunnel vision: I Just Had to capture this moment of inspiration.  It was only me and my tropical treasure.  With visions of a fusion of the rhythmic jazz and bebop mixed with lush tropic backgrounds I created the main print included in this post: Pattern Collection Tropical Bebop!

Let's celebrate those unexpected moments that graciously cross our paths as unexpected treasures. Shall we dare to challenge ourselves to slow down and engage with our environment? In slowing down, may we open ourselves up to the awaiting inspiration in our daily life interactions that delight our senses and gives us that little extra inner smile.

Reflecting on the past few weeks that have beckoned a new era of bursting shades of color, revealed textures, and the hint of Wildflowers budding. Upon reflecting, I share with you an internal smile as I muse among the wonder of spring and beckon all the awaiting surprises and unexpected treasures to come...

Embracing Color, Pattern, and Design,