Embracing Color. Pattern. And Design.

Welcome to the inaugural post of Intricate Expressions....Capturing Moments in Time, by E'FLOMAE, a surface design studio. My name is EstherShavon, photographer, surface pattern designer, and founder of E'FLOMAE. Here you will find an array of posts exploring design inspiration, design process, fine art photography, and engagement in the world of surface design. 

Why Color? Pattern?  Color is all around us. It engages our senses, evokes emotions. Pattern and detail can be seen from the most defined structure to the most intimate element. These elements are found in nature, architecture, fashion. The opportunities are endless and open to ones creativity and imagination.  This abound joy and automatic draw to discover patterns particularly from the natural environment has propelled me to create E'FLOMAE, to share my love for color and intricate expressions through photography and surface pattern designs.


So again, welcome, as we share memories of captured moments in time as expressed through surface design.

Embracing Color, Pattern, and Design,


E'FLOMAE Founder